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How To Earn Money By PropellerAds MediaPropeller Ads is one of the best advertising network for publisher. Propeller Ads Media is a very quick network and the entry barrier is really low. You can sign up and get started in 5 minutes or less. One of The Best Part of Propeller ad network is their account approval is instantaneous, they have no minimum traffic requirements and as long as you’re not promoting adult websites or using fake traffic, setting up your first ads is just a matter of minutes.

If You are a new user you need to First, go ahead and sign up for a Publisher account here (don’t sign up as an Advertiser) and confirm your email to get access to the dashboard.

Once You are done signup and login to your account you’ll have all this options and you’ll see your earnings/impressions/clicks/etc.

If you want to Join Sign Up Here

Make sure you go to your Profile settings and fill up your payment method. They accept Payoneer, Wire, EPESE, Webmoney Z, Paypal and a few other.They minimum payment limit is $100 and they pay on a NET 30 basis (i.e. what you earn on March will be payed at the end of April).

Once you  fill up your payment method Next thing you’re going to do is to add your website in the “Sites” menu. Click the “Add new site” button and write your domain name then click “Submit“.

After Adding a new site Propeller will give you an HTML code that you can now paste inside the body of your website (easy thing to do if you use WordPress or any other CMS) and that’s it. Your site will be verified and ready to go.

Finally, you’re going to choose the type of Ad you want to use so you can add it to your website and start making money! As you can see, Propeller Ads has many ads aside from Popunders. They have the Native Subscriptions (New Ad Format) Native banners (in case you’ve been banned from Adsense and can’t use Adversal/Chitika) and they have Direct, Dialog and Interstitial Ads too. I’ll explain how those work in a moment.

After Selecting Ad Type And Complete Procees Your website will start showing the Ads you’ve select and you’ll be able to check your stats in Real Time within the stats and Earnings Dashboard.


heard abYour website will start showing the Ads you’ve select and you’ll be able to check your stats in Real Time within the stats and Earnings Dashboard.

PropellerAds, they are one of the largest networks and most of their ads are shown on a popunder (onclick ads, as they call them) format. Propeller Ads is one of the best Popunder advertising network.

What is a Popunder ad?

The type of ad that pops in another window behind your original website. It looks something like this. Below given Example of Pounder Ad.

How To Make Money with pop under Ads

Propeler ad could monetize every single visitor that comes to your website even if he doesn’t click any of your banners.

Information About Propeller Ads Media

Propeller is an Ad network that has been working since 2011. Although 4 years isn’t that much for an Ad Network, they now serve 650 million of daily impressions and have several monetization methods for both desktop and mobile traffic. They aren’t small at all.

In fact, they have so much traffic and publishers that they’re ranked 60 on Alexa (inside the TOP 100 websites with more traffic worldwide). is the domain they use to create the ads and redirects.

What is special with Propeller Ads Media?

Propeller have the traditional banner ads like every other network does, they have some very interesting ads that can grow your Revenue substantially. I’m talking about Pop Under Ads.

What is a Pop Under?

Popunder is an Ad that pop ups in a new tab or Window (depends on the browser you use) and shows a landing page. If you have visited streaming websites, download websites and basically any website in the entertainment niche that’s not owned by a big brand, you’ve probably seen pop ups and pop unders.

However, Propeller uses a less intrusive technology called On Click Pop Under, which means the ad is only triggered after the user clicks anywhere on your website.

Think about the possibilities and earnings you could generate with on-click Pop Under Ads. The average CPM goes from $7 on different GEOS and up to $12 or more on Tier 1 GEOS. Most people struggle to get $7 just with Adsense or similar solutions, and the best part is that you can leave your banner Ads no matter what you’re using and add Propeller to stack your earnings and double your profit. If You are interesting in Join PropellerAds Click Below And Join Now.

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